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Hail! Hail! Rock n’ Rolla’s… Just when they said Rock n’ Roll

was dead, The Hellenbacks are here to reinstall your faith.

After the huge response from their 2016 Halloween video

premiere of the single, “It’s Alright”. The boys knock you

out with their debut LP release on May 5th 2017 of Vampires

in the Desert.

This is 13 songs of solid Rock n’ Roll to move your soul,

featuring guest Artist, Cian Coey of Dweezel Zappa/

Meat Loaf and Todd “Dammit” Kerns of Slash and the

Conspirators. This CD takes you on a mystic journey

with lyrics that pull on your every heart string.

102.7 The Coyote Radio Station

Morning show host, Mike “Mad Dog” Proscia says,

“The Hellenbacks debut is a true Rock n Roll record!

From the opening riff of “Sock it to me” to the groovy

“Super Star”.. All the way to “Right Now” feat. Cian Coey.

You’ll be dancing the night away”

Mixed and Produced by veteran EMI writer Jimmie Romero

and mastered by Nashville’s own Colt Capperrune,

this sonically resonates you to your core.

From the rich guitar tones, thick bass to the big

Bonham drums. You can’t help from groovin’ in your car,

house or singing along during

your workouts.

Track List:

1. Sock it to me feat. Cian Coey

2. Dance with me

3. Backwoods Song

4. California Bound feat. Cian Coey

5. Super Star

6. Sugar feat. Todd “Dammit” Kerns

7. It’s Alright

8. Move to the City

9. Solitude

10. Nothing’s Pretty

11. Diggin’ the likes of you feat. Cian Coey

12. Right now feat. Cian Coey

13. Morning Son

Catch them live at their new residency at

The House of Blues in Las Vegas or

Reno Nevada at The El Dorado Resort.

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